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  • Proven technology - now also available for the process industry

    • meeting the highest quality requirements
    • fulfilling maximum customer satisfaction through sustainable innovation
    • reliability and individuality

    are our guiding principles.
    Taking good care of our customer needs and securing a sustainable future for them through innovation, has always been at the bedrock of VACUUBRAND‘s core competence throughout our company‘s long history.

    Above-average life expectancy / reliable process control

    As with all new pump developments, they are subject to extensive endurance tests before finally being approved for series production. Each vacuum pump which leaves our production goes through a rigorous and precise final check routine prior to delivery to our customers. With our modern production methods and innovative technologies, we ensure the highest quality standards to deliver world-class products.

    Performance specification and quality standards are ensured via fully automated measurement and testing within the production processes and again upon final test and inspection. We ensure that our products are not only technically superior in terms of quality, but that this also translates into real economical benefits to our customers thorough above-average life expectancy of our pumps. Stable vacuum performance, over long periods of operation, even after servicing and replacement of worn parts, ensures that the reliable process control demands of our customers are consistently met.

    We maintain an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and an in-house environmental management program, which in turn sets the benchmark in all areas of quality, customer, employee and environmental aspects.

    Proven technology – now also for process requirements.