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  • VACUU·CONTROL® - Remote controlling, monitoring or recording of vacuum systems

    VACUU·CONTROL® - Remote controlling, monitoring or recording of vacuum systems

    The new web-based remote control VACUU·CONTROL® enables the monitoring and control of vacuum pumping units via computers or mobile devices such as Smartphones. With the new LAN or WLAN adapter all pumping units and vacuum systems equipped with the CVC 3000 vacuum controller or a DCP 3000 vacuum gauge can be integrated into a computer network (Exception: fine vacuum control with CVC 3000 is not supported). In this way it is possible for multiple pumping units to be controlled or monitored from a single PC on the one hand or alternatively an individual pumping unit can be observed from several devices. The vacuum system can be operated fully and simultaneously at any time directly at the pumping unit. With the built-in datalogger function, processes are automatically documented. Notification of the end of the process automatically appears when a selective pressure is reached or after a set time.

    • Remote monitoring and controlling of pumping units or vacuum systems with CVC 3000 or DCP 3000 through easy integration with computer networks
    • full simultaneous operation via the CVC 3000 / DCP 3000 or by remote control
    • available as an add-on for all CVC 3000 and DCP 3000 from software version 2.0 onwards (2009)
    • process documentation via integrated datalogger and notification signal at the end of the process