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  • Oil-free vacuum / green technology

    Oil-free vacuum / green technology
    • environmentally conscious production and efficient products
    • careful use of precious resources
    • responsibility for the future

    is the philosophy which characterizes our environmentally friendly vacuum technology.
    In addition to our in-house environmental management program, our aim is to develop products which meet high environmental standards. In simple terms, our products are „green“! Our objective throughout the design stages through to production and finally the product lifecycle is to as far as possible consume fewer resources. This also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint in terms of climate protection.

    Conservation of resources like oil and water

    For many applications both in the chemistry laboratory and also in kilolabs, VACUUBRAND has now replaced the likes of classic oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, water-jet pumps and liquid ring pumps, with modern oil-free chemistry diaphragm pumps. The conservation of resources like oil and water has become an increasingly important consideration in this change process.

    VARIO® diaphragm pumps regulate the vacuum directly and precisely, creating the ideal condition for efficient solvent recovery. Also our new permanent magnet motors consume considerably less energy.

    GREEN VAC® - environmentally friendly vacuum generation

    Our new permanent magnet motors consume considerably less energy. Products with these features are characterized by our new GREEN VAC® label, highlighting their environmentally friendly vacuum generation without oil or water consumption, long service life and the maximum potential energy savings. Technology, the economy and environmental protection are for us all equally important.

    GREEN VAC® - environmentally friendly vacuum generation.