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  • VAC 24seven accessories

    Set for connection of inlets and
    outlets of two pumps modules

    To connect 2 pump modules at vacuum inlet and outlet

    Ordering information: 20745010

    Set adjustable feet

    For installation and alignment of the pump module on the ground

    Ordering information: 20649913

    Cleaning set

    For flushing the pumping unit

    Ordering information: 20649914

    Test kit for VAC 24seven pumps with vacuum controller

    Vacuum controller with connection parts to test individual pumps in case of service

    Ordering information: 20649915

    Set eye screws (4 pcs.) for pump modules

    Thread M 10, to transport the pumping unit

    Ordering information: 20649917

    Set of tools for 8-cylinder NT pumps

    Diaphragm wrench and pump holder vertical

    Ordering information: 20649918

    Catch pot for condensate

    Catch pot for condensate (for VAC 24seven)

    Ordering information: 20745016

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