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  • VAC 24seven - from lab to process, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

    In addition to our proven chemistry diaphragm vacuum pumps we have added the VAC 24seven series, which is now available for pilot and industrial scale applications. The proven reliability of our individual pumps has been combined to produce a powerful modular process vacuum system.

    • For applications with involving aggressive and condensable gases and vapours, it provides a clean, oil- and contaminationfree vacuum source.
    • Inlet catch pots keep the pumps clean and dry. These are front mounted for easy access.
    • The VACUUBRAND VARIO® regulation provides vacuum “on demand” as required.
    • The central control unit determines the power required and controls the speed of the individual pumps accordingly during the entire process. This maximizes the energy savings and extends the maintenance intervals.
    • The unique ability to service individual pumps during operation leads to a plant availability of 24 hours, 7 days per week - VAC 24seven.

    • Chemically resistant / 100 % oil-free

      Chemically resistant / 100 % oil-free

      Diaphragm pumps are oil-free and therefore do not consume water and oil, nor do they generate waste oil either. With diaphragm technology, the pump chamber is completely hermetically sealed from the drive mechanism. The technology behind the chemistry diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND provide optimal performance and unrivalled years of reliability even for use in harsh chemical applications.

      Even the most highly stressed components, the head cover and diaphragm clamping disc, have a unique stability core technology which is produced through an elaborate multi-stage production process. The fluoropolymers and perfluoroelastomers materials ensure not only an outstanding chemical resistance, but also provide extremely low surface energy resulting in minimal surface adherence. VACUUBRAND only uses these high-quality materials for all its chemistry diaphragm pumps.

      So as a result, completely new possibilities are now arising for process and plant engineering. A processspecific design of the vacuum pump for the particular application is not necessary.

      VACUUBRAND uses the mentioned high-quality materials for all wetted parts in all chemistry diaphragm pumps - another feature for high reliability. The modules and the associated connecting parts are also designed to be uncompromisingly chemically resistant

      VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps – the quality benchmark in chemistry.

      • universal resistance from VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps
      • consistent operation from use of fluoropolymers and perfluoroelastomers
      • extremely long service life through globally unique stability core design
      • dry and 100 % oil-free technology
    • Modular


      The VAC 24seven product line is a modular system. Depending on requirements, up to three pump modules can be simply and economically combined with a single control module. This new combination option brings the outstanding properties of VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps from the laboratory into the process environment.

      At the heart of every pump modul are two individual variable speed pumps. The pump modules are available in two different, speed controlled versions, with 5 mbar vacuum and 30 m³/h pumping speed or 70 mbar and 40 m³/h.

      With VACUUBRAND’s proven VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller, the control module can take care of the vacuum control and the demand-oriented speed control of up to three pump modules.

      VAC 24seven - reliable technology combined economically.

      • application-specific combinable
      • central control unit and integrated vacuum regulator
      • pump modules for 70 mbar and 5 mbar
    • Precise control / energy saving

      Precise control / energy saving

      The vacuum control of the VAC 24seven product line is provided by the VACUU·SELECT controller. With its robust, chemically resistant capacitive ceramic diaphragm sensor, this provides excellent measurement and control accuracy for industrial applications.

      In addition to the touch display and intuitive user interface, the controller also provides predefined processes as well as an application editor for the individual applications and parameters.

      The control module, which is designed according to industrial requirements, enables integration into process control systems or direct control of peripheral valves, e.g. for ventilation, through various interfaces. The VACUU·SELECT controller supports communication via RS 232 and additionally offers a USB port as well as the option of integration into networks and data transmission via Modbus TCP.

      VARIO® control - vacuum control at its best.

      • on demand VARIO® control
      • incorporating highly efficient permanent magnet motors
      • more than 90 % energy saving
      • chemically resistant precise vacuum sensors
      • analog and digital interface
    • No downtime

      No downtime

      The chemically resistant stability core design of head cover and diaphragm clamping disc contributes decisively to ensure that the diaphragm pump complies with the specifications over a long period of operation. Depending on the application an average service interval of 15,000 operating hours can be expected.

      As the pumps run only temporarily at full speed, they can be decoupled separately for service purposes, without affecting the vacuum process. The speed of the remaining pump(s) is automatically adjusted by the controller. In this way, VAC 24seven ensures maximum system availability without the need for a duty standby pump.

      Each individual pump is compact and can be removed by just one person. Of course, VACUUBRAND also offers demand- oriented service on site.

      The VAC 24seven service concept - for maximum uptime.

      • 100 % availability and continuous operation
      • easy in-operation maintenance procedure
      • no need for a backup pump
      • service intervals of up to two years
      • demand-driven service offers